This patient information is about medication for psychosis. It is written for you who are in treatment in Psychiatry in Region Midtjylland and for your relatives. Here we describe what psychoses are and how to treat psychoses with medication.

We hope that the information can help you and your relatives become wiser about antipsychotics.

What is a psychosis?

A psychosis changes the way one perceives oneself, others and the world

Types of psychosis

Jumbled thoughts

Early signs of psychosis

What is it like for relatives?

About medication for psychosis

What is psychosis medicine?

Examples of antipsychotics

How do you take the medication?

What medication is right for you?


How is treatment monitored?

Phase-specific treatment

How long do you have to be on medication?

Having medication dispensed

Prevent relapse

Know your early warning signs

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