If there are matters that you are not satisfied with concerning your or your child’s treatment, you can initially contact the staff or the department management. You can also contact the Hospital Management in Central Denmark Region Psychiatry.

You can complain about the provision of healthcare services if you believe that there has been a treatment failure. Provision of healthcare services includes:

  • Examination
  • Determination of what is wrong with you (diagnosis)
  • Treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Care and nursing
  • Informed consent to treatment
  • Access to patient records etc.
  • Healthcare professionals’ duty of confidentiality
  • Healthcare professionals’ preparation of certificates

When you file a complaint, an independent authority will decide whether there is a basis for criticising the treatment that you have received. This is assessed based on the generally accepted professional standard of care.

It is not assessed whether you have received the best possible treatment.
Nor will it be considered which treatment you should possibly receive in the future.

You can also complain about violation of patient rights.

Central Denmark Region's Patient Office can help you formulate a complaint and provide you with guidance and information about patient rights in general. 

This page was updated October 2020 (version 1.02).

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