This page provides you with information about PTSD in adults. 

The psychiatric services in Central Denmark Region treat PTSD in these teams:

About the diagnosis

What is PTSD?

Typical characteristics of PTSD


Why do some people suffer from PTSD?

What is the course of PTSD?

What happens in the brain?

How the brain works

What determines whether a person is traumatised by a violent experience?

State of extreme alertness


What are the symptoms of PTSD?

How is PTSD diagnosed?

Psychological strain of a life-threatening and catastrophic nature

Specialist diagnosis and treatment

About treatment

What treatment is available for PTSD?






What can be done to prevent recurrence?

What can you do yourself if you are suffering from PTSD?

What can your family do?

Opdateret marts 2022.

Senest revideret af Mette Brinck-Jensen, ledende psykolog, Klinik for PTSD og Angst, Aarhus Universitetshospital Psykiatrien.

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