Discharge appraisal

Being admitted to hospital is like taking a step down – you can’t and no longer have to try to keep your everyday life together. You have to let go of the things you usually do, but you’re also free from having to use a lot of energy on making everything work. In turn, you have to take a step up again when you’re to be discharged. You suddenly have to take care of all the practical stuff yourself; you have to take responsibility for making your everyday life work. It’s hard, but there are also advantages: you get to decide for yourself, and you no longer have to submit to the rhythm and routines of the ward. It’s like a staircase exercise, it has its ups and downs.
Erik, former inpatient

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It’s definitely a major life crisis – being admitted and being discharged. It shakes the foundations of everything you thought you were. You’re afraid of losing your grip and confidence that the situation will improve. The fact that my mum kept saying to me, “You’ll get well” really meant a lot.
Mette, former inpatient

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