Welcome to our patient information about adult schizophrenia. Here you can read about the diagnosis and get good advice on what you can do.

The psychiatry in Region Midt treats schizophrenia in these teams:

Om diagnosen

What is schizophrenia?

A disorder with many myths

Progression of the disorder


Why do some people become schizophrenic?


Stress and pressures


What are the symptoms of schizophrenia?

Psychotic symptoms

Perceptions regarding influence and control



Negative symptoms

Cognitive and linguistic disorders

Other symptoms

Hvordan stilles diagnosen?

How is schizophrenia diagnosed?


Scchizophrenia and substance abuse

Hvilke former findes der?

What types of schizophrenia are there?

Om behandlingen

The sooner the better

OPUS treatment


Education about schizophrenia

Psychological treatment

Social therapy and support options

Treatment for abuse


What can be done to prevent schizophrenia?

Gode råd

What can you do yourself if you are suffering from schizophrenia?

What can relatives do?

What can you, as a relative, do for yourself?

What can you, as a relative, do to help the person suffering from schizophrenia?

Mere information

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