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Welcome to our patient information about OCD in adults. Here you can read about the diagnosis and get good advice on what you can do.

The psychiatry in Region Midt Jutland treats OCD in these teams:

Om diagnosen

What is OCD?

What is compulsive thoughts?

What is compulsive actions?

The experience of having OCD

OCD often starts in childhood

Reactions from relatives and outsiders


Why do some people get OCD?

Factors in the brain

Genetic factors

Other factors


Many different obsessions and compulsions

Compulsive thoughts about dirt and infection and compulsive actions in the form of hygiene and cleaning.

Habitually checking things

Compulsive thoughts of an aggressive or sexual nature.

Compulsive thoughts of a religious or moral nature.

Hoarding or collecting-mania

Compulsive thoughts about symmetry or accuracy

Annoying involuntary imaginings.

Somatic compulsive thoughts

Repetitive rituals

Mental compulsive actions

Seeking affirmation

Other forms of obsessions and compulsions

Hvordan stilles diagnosen?

How is OCD diagnosed?

Om behandlingen

What treatment is available for OCD?


Cognitive behavioural therapy is arranged jointly with you

Treatment with medication

Gode råd

What can you do yourself if you are suffering from OCD?

What can relatives do?

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