Welcome to our patient information about depression in adults. Here you can read about the diagnosis and get good advice on what you can do.

The psychiatry in the Region Midt Jylland treats depression in these teams:

Om diagnosen

What is depression?

How does depression develop?


Why do some people suffer from depression

Biological/physical factors in the development of depression

Psychological and social factors


What are the symptoms of depression?

Core symptoms

Accompanying symptoms

Other symptoms

Forskellige grader af diagnosen

Mild depression

Moderate depression

Severe depression with or without psychotic symptoms

Hvordan stilles diagnosen?

How is depression diagnosed?


What physical and mental disorders can occur together with depression?

Consequences of depression

Om behandlingen

How do you treat depression?

Talking therapy

Education about the illness – psychoeducation


Medical treatment

ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy)

Gode råd

What can be do to prevent depression?

What can you do yourself if you are suffering from depression?

What can loved ones do?

What can you, as a relative do for yourself?

What can you, as a relative, do to help someone with depression?

Mere information

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