Welcome to our patient information about anxiety and social phobia in adults. Here you can read about the diagnosis and get good advice on what you can do.

Regional psychiatry in Region Midtjylland has six clinics offering outpatient treatment of anxiety disorders:

Om diagnosen

What are anxiety disorders?

What happens in anxiety disorders?


Why do some people siffer from anxiety disorders?

Biological susceptibility

Psychological susceptibility and social vulnerability

A stressful life


Hvad sker der i hjernen?

What happens in the brain when someone suffers from anxiety?


What are the symptoms of anxiety disorders?

Physical symptoms of anxiety

Emotional symptoms of anxiety

Mental symptoms of anxiety

Behavioural symptoms of anxiety

The vicious circle of anxiety

Before, during and after

Forskellige grader af diagnosen

Different degrees of anxiety disorders

Municipal support and cooperation

Hvordan stilles diagnosen?

How are they diagnosed

Examination by a doctor or psychologist

Hvilke former findes der?

Generalised anxiety – exaggerated tendency to worry, excessive anxiousness and restlessness

Panic disorder – sudden attacks of severe anxiety

Agoraphobia – phobic anxiety of venturing out of the house alone

Social phobia – phobic anxiety in social situations

Concurrent mental disorders

Om behandlingen

What treatment is available for anxiety disorders

Learning about the disorder – psychoeducation



Side-effects with medication

Gode råd

What can be done to prevent anxiety disorders?

What can you do yourself if you are suffering from anxiety?

What can relatives do?

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