Welcome to our patient information ADHD in adults. When you have ADHD or ADD, it is important that you know about the condition, so you can handle your challenges in the best possible way. 

Central Region Denmark Psychiatry offers diagnosis and treatment of adults with ADHD the following places:

Om diagnosen

What is ADHD?


Why do some people suffer from ADHD?


Other factors

Hvad sker der i hjernen?

What happens in the brain?


Core symptoms

Attention deficit

Hyperactivity/motor agitation


Short-term memory

Perception of time

Emotional control

Disrupted thoughts

Disturbed sleep

The impact of the symptoms on your life

Forskellige grader af diagnosen

Different degrees of ADHD

Hvordan stilles diagnosen?

How is ADHD diagnosed?

The ADHD diagnosis is a clinical diagnosis

Information from relatives

Assessment of own difficulties

Mental symptoms that are not due to ADHD

Hvilke former findes der?

Three subtypes of ADHD


ADHD and comorbidties

Om behandlingen

What treatment is available for ADHD?


Teaching about ADHD



Provision of social support

Gode råd

What can be done to prevent it?

What can you do yourself if you are suffering fromADHD?

What can relaitives do?

What can you, as a relative do for yourself?

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