Aarhus University Hospital Skejby comprises the following specialised clinical departments:

  • Department for Psychoses
  • Department for Affective Disorders
  • Department for Forensic Psychiatry

Department of Affective Disorders consists of four wards of which one attends to psychiatric diagnosing and treatment related to patients suffering from unipolar depression and self-injuring patients diagnosed with an emotionally unstable personality disorder. The remaining three wards treat unipolar and bipolar patients in a depressive as well as a manic stage.

All wards collaborate closely with the department’s outpatient section. This includes:

  • Clinic for personality disorders which handles ambulant diagnosing and treatment of patients suffering from personality disorders.
  • Clinic for OCD, Anxiety Disorders and Suicide Prevention.
  • Clinic for PTSD and Trans-Cultural Psychiatry which diagnoses and treats traumatised refugees and patients of a different ethnic background as well as veterans.
  • The Outpatient Clinic for Mania and Depression which employs about 70 employees: physicians, psychologists, nurses and other professions who attend to the diagnosing and treatment of affective patients. The clinic’s treatment methods consist of medicamental treatment as well as psychotherapy, psychoeducation and cognitive training, primarily as group treatment.

The hospital’s ECT unit is part of the Outpatient Clinic for Mania and Depression together with a neuropsychiatric team managing the diagnosing of patients suspected to suffer from a brain-organic pathogenesis.