Medical education is a matter of the highest priority in the Department of Affective Disorders. It is an integrated part of the clinical working day to enable all physicians to participate in formalised training.

The Department of Affective Disorders attends to the clinical education of medical students, physicians, psychologists and other professions. The department handles postgraduate training for physicians specialising in general psychiatry.


Introduction programme

Prior to startup, new physicians in Department of Affective Disorders will receive their duty roster and be enrolled in the department's obligatory introductory course. Furthermore, each physician will receive a personal induction programme with information about clinical introduction.


Clinical education

The chief physicians provide clinical education and supervision on a daily basis. Representatives from the Department of Affective Disorders' outpatient clinics take turns to partake in educational meetings held in continuation of each morning conference. Midday conferences also serve an educational purpose as relevant clinical issues are discussed here. Structured collegial supervision, joint clinical work and audits are also part of the clinical supervision in the Department of Affective Disorders.


Formalised theoretical education

Every wednesday holds an occurence of theoretical education in Department of Affective Disorders. Morning rating as well as clinical and theoretical conferences including journal clubs are part of Department for Affective Disorders' internal education programme. Furthermore the department holds clinical project days every six months.