Department of Affective Disorders takes care of adult patients suffering from one or more of the following disorders:

  • Affective disorders (F3); manic disorder and depression.
  • Nervous and stress-related disorders (F4); anxiety and obsessive disorders.
  • Personality disorders (F6); consistent behavioural patterns and perception methods differing from the expected.
  • Suicidal non-mentally and mildly mentally disordered patients.

Functions (specialisation levels)


Head functions

The department covers all head function areas related to the target group. The department’s intake area for head function patients consists of Aarhus, Favrskov, Samsoe and Silkeborg Municipalities.

Regional functions

  • Complex affective disorders including affective disorders in combination with substance abuse as well as pregnant women with affective disorders.
  • Complex anxiety disorders and obsessive disorders.
  • Complex personality disorders.
  • Sexual disorders. Trans-cultural psychiatric patients with mild or complex psychiatric disorders.
  • Traumatised refugees.
  • Suicide prevention for non-mentally and mildly mentally disordered patients.

Highly specialised functions

  • Diagnostics and treatment of particularly complex sexual disorders including somatically disabled patients with sexual difficulties as well as patients who have experienced violence, incest and the like.
  • Diagnostics and treatment of particularly complex affective disorders.
  • Diagnostics and assessment of particularly complex trans-cultural psychiatric patients including particularly complex psychiatric disorder in ethnic minorities.
  • Diagnostics and treatment of particularly complex traumatised refugees.

Patient treatment is undertaken in wards as well as on an outpatient basis.


Department of Affective Disorders

Entrance K
Palle Juul Jensens Boulevard 175
8200 Aarhus N

Phone: +45 7847 2100

Phone: +45 7847 1000


Farahna Harees
Head Consultant

Susanne Bissenbacker 
Head Nurse