Who are we?

Danish University Antidepressant Group (DUAG) was established in 1983 as an organization that could carry out high quality, investigator-driven trials in the setting of a permanent multicenter group. This could create a basis for a better understanding of the basic elements of antidepressant therapy and conduct of clinical trials with antidepressants and thereby to contribute to the long-term strategies and development in the treatment of affective disorders.

DUAG has completed seven clinicals studies. These seven studies have involved a total of 15 clinical psychiatry centers and one clinical pharmacology center in Denmark.



Since 2006 DUAG has hosted annual symposia focusing on different issues in the treatment of depression. At the symposia eminent international and Danish researchers provide new insights into and a basis for fruitful discussion of the subjects.
In 2015 the DUAG presented a symposium at the Nordic Congress of Psychiatry in Copenhagen entitled: The MINI International Neuropsychiatric Interview and DSM-5.


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Erik Roj Larsen
Medical Consultant, Head of Research
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Farahna Harees
Chief Medical Consultant
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Susanne Bissenbacker
Head Nurse
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